76 medals, including 16 gold medals in the Balkans and the first place in the standings of the teams !!!

MVP among seniors for Julia Furtyk!

On 27 October 2018 the team of Polish Federation of Taekwondo took part in Dubrovnik Open, which is the part of the cycle of European Cup PFT. This time our competitors competed with male and female colleagues from Taekwondo ITF (both this based in Austria and this based in Spain). The following countries entered the competition: Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Slovenia, Serbia and Poland. It was for us another fantastic experience, new acquaintances and contacts, several interesting invitations for the next year.

Jelena, Sanja and Daria ! Thank You for a very warm reception and good organization of the tournament !

I wish to thank Oskar company from Poznań for providing a brand new coach for this trip and for great communication with Mr. Michał when completing formalities. I express my thanks to Arek, the head of the team of drivers from Oskar, for professionalism – Arek, You are Great !

I thank our referees for their work: Rajmund Felusiak (Wałbrzych), Karol Winiszewski (Słupsk) and Grzegorz Kulpa (Nysa) ! Really good job at international level !

Finally, I want to thank all coaches who looked after their (and not only their) competitors during the tournament !

I congratulate the competitors – Your achievements will be described in a separate message and of course in the Ranking of Polish Federation of Taekwon-do.

The Cup for the best team of competition was taken by the youngest participant of the trip, eight-year-old Filip Dopierała from Konin (coach Marcin Starik).

The best senior of the competition was Julia Furtyk from Świebodzice (coach Jarosław Włochal). So, double congratulations !

Basically, it’s safe to say that EVERYTHING CLICKED !!!
Apart from sports achievements there was also sightseeing. We have the motto „Learn the World with Taekwon-do!” in the name of the Foundation, have we ! So we learned – and this wasn’t the last time we did it, because this aspect of our trips is equally important as the sports aspect.
The entire old town of the destination is inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. The walk itself took us in time and if we mention that the weather was excellent, then we have two charming days in Dubrovnik – the pearl of the Adriatic Sea ! The history of this place is very complicated, so I refer those interested to deeper and professional literature.
Dubrovnik is also the film Capital of the Seven Kingdoms in the series „A Game of Thrones” – scenes were filmed within the walls of the Old Town; here in the old town was arranged the place of meetings of the Sparrows, here on the baroque stairs, acting as the Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor, took place famous scene of shame. For a few of our competitors, the fans of this film, this was a feast!
Finally, a curiosity – in Dubrovnik there is the oldest pharmacy in Europe …
Deliberations on the next destination of our struggles are already in progress …
Train Taekwon-do ! Learn the World with Taekwon-do !

Kind regards !
Piotr Gąsior, 7th dan

The Chairman of Polish Federation of Taekwondo
The Founder of the Foundation „DO-WORLD Learn the World with Taekwondo !”